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Workshop on Engineering for Service-oriented Enterprise

Duration: 1/2 day
Type: paper-oriented

Purpose, Goals and Topics

Present day enterprises often become service-oriented enterprises, which are
comprised of a dynamic network of organizations that collectively provide services. In this context, we define a service as a self-contained unit of functionality that establishes a meaningful value to enterprises such as service performance, service customer, service producer, service delivery, etc.

Moreover, service-oriented enterprises need to negotiate many challenges, such as changes in the economic climate, mergers, acquisitions, innovation, novel technologies, and regulations. This involves enterprise transformation addressing digital transformation issues which are related to stakeholders’ experience, technology in process integration and new digitally-modified business models.

Enterprise engineering is the general term for an engineering-based approach to architect, transform or develop service-oriented enterprises. Enterprise engineering is based on rationales of how an enterprise wants to use its organizational socio-technical systems, such as business processes and information systems.

Research contributions may involve the engineering of new services, appropriate theories, models, methods, and other instruments for the analysis, design, implementation, evolution and governance of enterprises by combining (relevant aspects of) management and organization science and information systems science. This workshop is looking for contributions that describe appropriate approaches and methodologies (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Services design, implementation & operation in Enterprise Engineering
  • Support enterprise architecture service-oriented design
  • Services in governance and evolution of an enterprise
  • Services supporting the maturity and quality of an enterprise
  • Services for enterprise transformation
  • Services for enterprise interoperability
  • Interoperability as-a-service
  • Interoperability assessment and improvement
  • Support enterprise digitization
  • Dynamic decision support systems
  • Model service innovation in enterprises
  • Manage social and organizational aspects in service-oriented enterprise
  • SOA design, implementation & operation

Submitted research papers (full or research in progress) should present practical and theoretical insight of how an adequate coordination through enterprise engineering may be conducted.


  • Wided Guédria, Luxembourg
  • Sérgio Guerreiro, Portugal